Monday, February 17, 2014

PC How To - Install / Upgrade RAM

Adding more memory to your PC is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to boost your computer's performance. If you have kids that like to play high end games or maybe you like to edit vacation movies or pictures the more memory you have the faster, your computer will process the information. The only difficult part of upgrading the memory is making sure you have the wrights type.

There are three main types of memory you have SDRAM, DDR and RD-RAM. The older computers from around 1998 to 2001 used 168 pin SDRAM, then they came out with DDR memory which most newer computer are using this type but the newest memory is the RD-RAM. Memory also comes in different speeds the older models had pc50 and pc66 then came pc100 and pc133. Newer computers are using pc2700, pc3200 and so on on DDR type memory.

Ok that gives you an ideal of the different types of memory now we should point out that if your computer is still under warranty you will have to take it to a authorized service center because you break the warranty sticker on the back it will void you warranty and if you ever have a problem it will not be covered. Ok we need to find out what type of memory you have in you computer. The best way is to go online to the manufacture of your computers web site once there you can enter the model number of your computer and they will have all the specs on your computer. Including type of memory and how much memory you can add. All computers have a limit on how much you can add. Memory is measured in megabytes ranging from 64 megabytes to 1024 megabytes also know as 1 gigabyte and higher. Memory comes in modules or the tech slang is sticks for example if your computer will only handle one gigabytes of memory and you have to slots in your computer you could add two sticks of 512 megabytes each, totaling 1024 megabytes or 1 gigabyte of memory. Most computer stores will carry memory but I would suggest checking online first you can find some pretty go deals.

Now comes the easy part adding the memory to your computer. First make sure you unplug your computer from the wall socket and touch a metal part of the computer case to discharge any static electricity from your body. Next remove the cover there should be screws on the back that will remove the cover. Once you have the cover off look inside and find the memory sticks they look like long thin circuit boards and there will be two tabs at each end. When you find the tabs push the tabs outward and the memory will pop out. If you look at the memory you will see two small notches and there will be two small tabs in the slots that the memory came out of that means that the memory will install only one way. Just take the new memory and line up the notches with the tabs in the slots and push the memory in place until the tabs at each end lock in place. Be careful not to move the memory back and forth too much it should push straight in and lock into place. Once you make sure the two tabs are locked in replace the cover and plug the power back in then start your computer. The computer will recognize the new memory and you are done.

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