Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Offer to Buy Domain

For last few days, busy with an offer to acquisition of my website & domain name. Now is in final stage where the proposed buyer are in the midst of evaluating the reports and traffics of the website.

The buyer is from a financial portal dealing with online financial packages.

Initially i was thinking to keep the website and take stable revenue from adsense in peaceful mind, that's all, any offers to placed ads in the website is bonus and it is one time work without other responsibility.
After received the offer to take full control of the website content and removed the adsense, i managed to seeks advise and opinions from several parties including legal consultation (nephew is a lawyer). As registered owner to the website, i couldn't just give the 100% control right of the website to someone without monitoring its content especially when the website is dealing with financial products where it is tied to BNM rules and regulations. In fact, i'm not in the position to counter check the content as well as editing. Furthermore, time is not permitted for me to do so.
There are also few other factors that stopped me to give 100% control right and removed the adsense.
While doing evaluation, please take the point that the traffics of the website is generated without any promo, ads campaign or backlink works. Most importantly, it attracted the right audience with specify keyword.

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