Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Sister CNY Trip from Singapore

My sister, Lily. Currently she work in Singapore and travelling back to KL at eve of Chinese New Year (CNY). She departed from Singapore at 930 am by bus and arrived KL around 2.30 pm Terminal Bus Tasik Selatan (TBS). According to her, the traffic of North South Expressway are smooth all the time and reach TBS on time.

I'm fetch he from TBS, she has do some nice cloths for my daughter and bring some snack from S'pore for us. We have gather for CNY eve reunion dinner and so unlucky my wife stomachace due to food poisoning.

For this CNY, we're not travelling back to home town in Taiping (Kuala Sepetang). Actually is nothing so special to travel back, it is just wasting time and money (petrol & tol fee) as if going back, actually also do the same as in KL, watch TV, eat and chitchat, let all. So we have decided not to go back for this year.

After watch the Hong Kong (HK) firework at TV News, i'm planning to celebrate next year CNY in HK for 4 of us. Hope the trip can turn true. Next year CNY fall on 19 Feb 2015, Thursday, a nice day because is 4 continues holidays. A long weekend for everyone who plan to travel far.

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