Wednesday, February 5, 2014

KLIA2 still a lot of issue

KLIA2 come to spot yesterday after news said that it failed both the safety and fire checks.

It is scheduled to open on coming 2 May after few delay. Now it failed the test again, so meaning that whether can it meet the openning schedule or not, nobody can tell.

Today news come out that KLIA2 Undergoing Readiness Test, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) has started conducting Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) process on Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) to ensure that the new terminal will be ready on May 2 as scheduled.

The main tenant of KLIA2, which is built to handle some 45 million passengers annually, will be AirAsia Bhd.
 ORAT is the rehearsal of airport operations. The baggage handling, check-in and information technology systems as well as the lighting in the terminal will be tested. Even the understanding of signage will also be tested.

Generally, ORAT is undertaken over one year but some airport operators do it in six months.
 In KLIA2's case, MAHB can complete the testing and commissioning within three months because KLIA has a similar system.

MAHB announced yesterday that it has yet to receive the certificate of completion and compliance (CCC) for the KLIA2 terminal building from the contractors, which was due at the end of last month. CCC indicates that the building is safe to be occupied.
 MAHB said it will continue to engage with the UEM Construction Sdn Bhd (UEMC)-Bina Puri Sdn Bhd joint venture on the next course of action in regard to the issuance of CCC and the commencement of ORAT.

 UEMC and Bina Puri jointly announced on Tuesday that they are working with MAHB, the authorities, consultants and architects to rectify issues found during the follow-up inspection, while rectification work will commence immediately.

 Meanwhile, a source familiar with the project told Business Times a newspaper report yesterday suggesting that 65 per cent of the terminal building did not meet fire and safety requirements has been blown out of proportion.

"The Fire and Rescue Department was satisfied with the inspection. It only gave 10 items that need to be rectified which are in Sector 2 and considered minor.

 "In fact, the department has cleared all the other sectors. There is no 'final inspection'. When the 10 items have been fixed, the department will check to ensure that they are in accordance to its recommendations. After that, the department will issue a support letter," said the source.

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