Friday, February 21, 2014

Jivdani Mata Temple Virar

People are attracted to this Temple for one main reason being its on Top of mountain, Its a fun to climb those 1300 footsteps early morning or after 5:00 PM in evening, with friends and relatives. Another specialty being the scenic aerial view (See Video Below) from the peak top of Mountain. Complete Virar can be seen till far stations like Vasai Road etc. The beautiful sunset view is not to be missed when in evening, it adds a charm to the wide arabian sea at far ends that can be seen from this Jivdani temple mountain.

Previously it was believed that Godess Jivdani will be happy if you sacrifice a hen at the sacrifice section which is behind side of temple and their use to be lots of blood spots and smell around which was seen uncomfortable to tourist and others. Since last decade the ritual of sacrificing life of goat or hen to Life saver Mata Jivdani has been stopped and the place now is neat and clean to visit at any time.

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