Thursday, February 20, 2014

PC Auto Power Off Each Time After Few Seconds On

 I have a year and a half old Acer computer. Today, my computer was working fine at the local library and I did what I usually do with my computer. I went for a 20 minute walk and took out my computer again but the 'volume mixer' wasn't working so I manually turned off the computer by touching the power button. I tried to turn on the computer again by pressing the button but it will only stay on for a couple of seconds. When those seconds are up, the computer shuts off. Help me!

Here's a few things that might help:

-My computer always had a memory problem. I would have to shut down my computer because my computer would get so slow and have messages pop up saying my computer was low on memory.

-I downloaded a virus by accident and ever since the virus was activated on my computer, my emails won't work.

- I use a different AC adapter than the one I used to. My old one stopped working so I had to buy another one from a different company.

Could anyone tell me what's wrong and tell me how to fix it if I can avoid a trip to the computer repair man or buy another computer. 


PC or laptop auto turn off may have several reasons, one of them is motherboard faulty, power switch itselt faulty, another is cooling fan faulty where result overheat the the pc/laptop will auto cut off power to prevent burn.

You need someone technical sound to open the check the internal, not easy to identify if motherboard faulty.         

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