Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meet Alex

After almost a year never meet Alex, tonight he call me and we have meet up in Steven Corner.

Normal chit chat, in and around the same topic as usual. He mentioned that his PC running extremely slow for last few days, i have him to scanned by used Microsoft Malware scanner, we have discovered few 'trojan' in his PC.

The trojan namely:

Trojan Information
Name: Win32/PCClient.A.Trojan
Category: Backdoor
Dangerous: Yes
Win32/PCClient.A.Trojan is Backdoor which is malware.
Installing it is highly not recommended.
This Backdoor is also known as:
• Backdoor.PcClient.a - named by Kaspersky.
• Win32.Pcclient.A - named by Computer Associates.
• Win32/PcClient.A trojan - named by Eset.

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