Monday, January 27, 2014


As usual this morning, send daughters to school.

A little accident have happened in the journey, younger daughter so careless, when car stop, open the car door without look back, a motorbike has hit the door and fall.

The rider is a Malay young and has encountered injured on his 2 figure, bloody and some minor spoilt on his bike. Compesated him RM300, sincerely from me to pay him to repair bike as well as medical fee.

Can just imagine hitting a car door at fifteen, or twenty miles an hour? It can be deadly. Even if the door just clips a handlebar, it will throw the cyclist off the bike to the left, into the path of cars and trucks. Yikes!

This incident can be avoid if caution when leaving car, every time remind them when leaving car, please look back before open the door, but they seems like never do that, now they really experience it and hope they can take this as lesson and never do such careless in future.

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